Experimental Winter in Radio Taiwan International! | 冬令實驗在中央廣播電台!

Join us by listening to Radio Taiwan International which will broadcast music and interviews from our 2018 concert performers on Sunday 3rd., Jun. 2018 at 20:15.

6/3 星期天晚上8:15 歡迎鎖定中央廣播電台,準時收聽有關冬令實驗的音樂會採訪和相關音樂。


From left: composer Tseng Shipao (曾世寶), zheng player Yang Yi-Wei (楊懿惟), radio host Gina (朱家綺), Experimental Winter producer Lee Yu-hsuan (李育萱) and composer/pipa player Huang Hsuan-Jung (黃璿蓉).

Thanks to Gina from Rti! 謝謝中央廣播電台的自由風主持人朱家綺!

Composition Synopses | 曲目解析


1. Chun-Che Yueh: 《paSta’ay》world premiere of full version

In Saisiyat language “paSta’ay” means the mysterious festival night which commemorates the spirits who were once helpful to the Saisiyat people by a course of simple choreography, repetitive chants and whirly movements. Having an aboriginal background himself, and thus being familiar with the age-old tones, Chun-Che Yueh´s composition for zheng, pipa and liuqin follows the festival night in three parts: “welcoming the spirit”, “entertaining the spirit” and “seeing off the spirit”. In order for those age-old and long sounds to emerge, the three instruments which can create lengthy and prolonged tones are played while also the simultaneous chanting of the performers re-creates the unique charm of the age-old.

After “welcoming the spirit” sets in the festival-like atmosphere, “entertaining the spirit” depicts the course of the dance ritual with an alternating tempo. Following the joyful mood, “seeing off the spirit” sets the atmosphere once again to something mythical with an ethereal solo.

2. Huang, Hsuan-Jung:《The story of Taipei City-Passenger

People come and go in the metropolitan city that is Taipei. In the same city we pass each other by, and under the same sky we pursue our own dreams.

Huang, Hsuan-Jung (黃璿蓉) 1

Huang, Hsuan-Jung describes the subconscious pace of Taipei city life in three sections: “order”, “dialogue” and “touching bodies”.

With seemingly free atmosphere that emerges from the urban sounds, the “order” starts. This section depicts the countless hidden rules which we subconsciously follow day after day. But are we to go on like that?

The second section, “dialogue”, portrays characteristics of the metropolitan citizens who belong to a group, yet who appear alienated, talking to themselves, briefly replying to others, only to return to themselves again.

The third section, “touching bodies”, describes the rhythm of the fast paced city in which everyone has an individual rhythm of his or her own. However, given the right time and place these different rhythms can gather up and progress at the same pace; having a different speed but the same notion of time is the most peculiar form of a co-existence in the world of a city.

Huang, Hsuan-Jung uses minimalistic techniques to depict the cautious appearance which is associated with urbanites, stringing together with stacked rhythms and varying tone colors everyone living in a city.

3. Tseng, Shih-Pao: 《Inside》world premiere

When perceived from a perspective of an individual, the person´s time and space and the time and space of the surroundings advance in parallel, having a simultaneous existence, but also an existence which is independent from each other. Only when stepped out of the comfort of one´s own time and space can one begin to explore the space and time of the surroundings, bringing the two gradually closer together.

Cafe Rossiya

Tseng, Shih-Pao uses recorded sounds which construct the atmosphere of the surrounding space together with theatrical behavior of the performers, that is almost as if exchanging souls, to narrate the experimental blending of the parallel existence between people and the surroundings.


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Experimental Winter – Contemporary Music Concert 2018 Memoir Fragrance | 2018《冬令實驗》當代音樂計畫 記憶香氛

EX Fragrance

Experimental Winter explores the contemporary nature of music. In 2018 a traditional instrument trio Lost Sounds was invited to perform contemporary compositions in a collision of the Far Eastern tradition with the western style of music, with an attitude that is proudly unique yet raw, similar to the otherworldly purity of the rare azalea flowers grown in the cloudy Himalayan mountain region which carry the independent essence of the agitating, harsh environment in its slightly sweet and grassy aroma.


Reminiscence together the unyielding independence that is experimentalism with the Experimental Winter 2018 Memoir Fragrance.


Ingredients | 成分:

Rhododendron wide (髯花杜鵑)
Thuja sutchuenensis (崖柏)
Kashmir Lavender (喀什米爾薰衣草)
Tomer seed (花椒)
Zedoaria root (莪朮)

Fragrance Designer | 香氛記憶營造者:
王邑榛 Eliza
Made in Taiwan

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