Accordionist Timo Kinnunen(Finland)|手風琴演奏家Timo Kinnunen(芬蘭)

Timo Kinnunen, accordionist, creative visionary |手風琴演奏家 創意夢想家


Having won the World Championship for Accordion at the age of only sixteen, Finnish accordionist Timo Kinnunen started his international career. He works continuously as an accordion soloist and as a chamber musician worldwide with tens of concerts a year, performing contemporary, classical and improvised music. Kinnunen’s artist image and his virtuosity on the accordion have inspired composers to create very interesting works for this instrument. Besides the concert activity, Kinnunen has an international reputation for his innovative cultural and pedagogical projects. Timo Kinnunen has premiered more than three hundred solo and chamber music works dedicated to him and has cooperated with, for instance, well-known composers Vinko Globokar, John Cage, Astor Piazzolla, Alvin Curran, George Lewis, Jukka Tiensuu, Hans-Joachim Hespos, György Kurtág Jr, Jan Sandström and Jouni Kaipainen.

早在16 歲即獲得世界手風琴比賽冠軍,芬蘭籍手風琴演奏家Timo Kinnunen 隨即展開他的國際演奏生涯。不僅深耕獨奏領域,Kinnunen同時也在世界各地參與室內音樂演奏,一年舉辦數場音樂會,推廣當代、古典、即興音樂。Kinnunen的藝術家形象和他精湛的手風琴演奏技巧,觸發許多作曲家為這樂器創作非常有趣的曲目。除了音樂演奏會外,Kinnunen在國際上許多創新的文化活動或教學計畫也都頗負盛名。Timo Kinnunen曾首演超過三百多首為他而作的獨奏樂及室內樂;他同時也和許多知名的作曲家如Vinko GlobokarJohn CageAstor PiazzollaAlvin CurranGeorge LewisJukka TiensuuHans-Joachim HesposGyörgy Kurtág JrJan SandströmJouni Kaipainen等人合作過。

He is collaborating with various artists and ensembles including | 他還與眾多演奏家、樂團共同演出,包含:

ConTempo String Quartet, Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble, European Contemporary Improvisation Orchestra, Nina JansenDeinzer, Marius Stravinsky, Phil Minton, Ute Wassermann, the UMO Jazz Orchestra, Sarah Maria Sun, Mondriaan Quartet, The Screaming Men, Leif Segerstam, Gandini Juggling, Charlotte Riedijk, Julia Christ, The New Helsinki Quartet, Jyotsna Srikanth, BerlinFinn Trio.

After completing his studies in the Sibelius Academy, Timo Kinnunen continued his studies with Mogens Ellegaard at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and with Hugo Noth in the University of Music Trossingen, Germany. Timo Kinnunen also teaches classical accordion, improvisation, and new chamber music at the Oulu Conservatory. His many former accordion students are well-known artists in the international music scene. Timo Kinnunen has founded with composer Jukka Tiensuu the Time of Music Festival in Viitasaari, That festival is one of the foremost new music festivals in the world. He has also created OULULUO (Oulu Creates), which concentrated on a dialog between art and technology. Oululuo comes again in 2018-19 with the new international prize, Prix Oulu, attention for human activity. Currently, Timo Kinnunen works continuously as an artistic director, coordinator and advisor in many contemporary projects worldwide.

從Sibelius Academy畢業後,Kinnunen繼續在丹麥哥本哈哥The Royal Danish Academy of Music師事Mogens Ellegaard;於德國University of Music Trossingen和Hugo Noth 學習。Kinnunen 同時也在芬蘭Oulu Conservatory從事古典手風琴、即興以及新室內樂教學。他許多的手風琴學生目前在國際音樂場域裡也大都廣為人知。Timo Kinnunen曾和作曲家Jukka Tiensuu共同在芬蘭Viitasaari創立了Time of Music Festival,這是一個當前世界上非常重要的新音樂盛會之一。此外,他更成立OULULUO (Oulu Creates),聚焦在藝術和科技的對話。OULULUO 將在2018-19之間再次舉辦,同時頒發一個新的國際獎項—Prix Oulu  來關注人類活動。近年,Kinnunen持續以藝術總監、協調者、顧問等身份活躍於國際上許多的當代計畫。

Samples | 範例:

Timo Kinnunen in Silence Festival 2013 (Video)

Duo oneplusone (Anna Veismane, melodion & Timo Kinnunen, accordion) – Blowing (audio)

Article about Timo Kinnunen (Chinese):

世界手風琴冠軍 Timo Kinnunen 將在台北首演當代音樂新作

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