Composer Lara Poe (US) | 作曲家Lara Poe(美國)


Finnish-American composer Lara Poe, currently based in London, has had performances in the US and Europe, with performers such as the JACK quartet, Aija Reke, the Liminka Music Weeks string orchestra, the Tampere Filharmonia and the New England Conservatory Preparatory School Piano Seminar students. She is currently studying with Kenneth Hesketh at the Royal College of Music, London, as an RCM Award Holder supported by the Doctor Knobel Fund in the MMus degree program. Poe received a Bachelor of Music degree from Boston University in 2016 where she studied composition with Alex Mincek, Joshua Fineberg, Martin Amlin, Ketty Nez, Richard Cornell, and with Kenneth Hesketh, while studying abroad at the Royal College of Music. Before Boston University, she studied at New England Conservatory Preparatory School with Rodney Lister as well. While pursuing composition, Lara has also studied piano, with Nigel Clayton (RCM), Linda Jiorle-Nagy, Edna Stern, Sergey Schepkin, Bertica Shulman-Cramer, Melanie Almiron and Vanessa Morris. Poe is a finalist for the 2016 American Prize for Composers of Chamber Music, Student Division.

芬蘭籍美國作曲家Lara Poe 目前定居在倫敦;她主要在美國及歐洲進行作品發表,並曾和演奏者 JACK quartetAija Reke、Liminka Music Weeks string orchestra、Tampere Filharmonia 以及 New England Conservatory Preparatory School Piano Seminar 的學生等合作過。Lara Poe 目前正以RCM Award的獲獎資格就讀於倫敦的Royal College of Music並師事Kenneth Hesketh。該獎項由Doctor Knobel贊助,隸屬MMus degree program。Poe於2016年從Boston University獲得音樂學士學位,當時他的作曲老師包含Alex Mincek、Joshua FinebergMartin Amlin、Ketty Nez、Richard Cornell。進入Boston University以前,Poe則在New England Conservatory Preparatory School 和 Rodney Lister 學習。除了進行作曲外,Lara同時也和Nigel Clayton (RCM)、Linda Jiorle-Nagy、Edna SternSergey Schepkin、Bertica Shulman-Cramer、Melanie Almiron 和Vanessa Morris等人學習鋼琴。Poe本身還是2016 American Prize for Composers of Chamber Music學生組的決賽入圍者。

At Boston University, Poe received the Wainwright and Department of Theory and Composition awards, and was also nominated for Pi Kappa Lambda. She has been a finalist for the BMI student composition competition, and has been a finalist for the Morton Gould Young Composer Awards twice. She was also a co-winner of the UMass Lowell Chapter, National Music Conference, and has received an Honorable Mention in the Ithaca Women’s Works composition competition as well. Poe’s current projects include a violin concerto for Aija Reke and the Hancock Cantata orchestra, which will be premiered in Lexington, near Boston, MA. She is also working on a variety of smaller chamber music projects and a couple of solo pieces for colleagues at the RCM.

就讀Boston University期間,Poe曾獲得Wainwright and Department of Theory and Composition awards,同時被提名Pi Kappa Lambda。他更是BMI student composition competition決賽入圍者,還兩度進入Morton Gould Young Composer Awards 決賽。她曾經共同獲得National Music Conference 的UMass Lowell Chapter,並在Ithaca Women’s Works composition competition榮譽提名。最近Poe正在進行的計畫包含為Aija Reke和Hancock Cantata orchestrate創作小提琴協奏曲;該作品會在距離Boston不遠的Lexington進行首演。她同時還參與許多各式各樣的室內樂計畫,並為RCM的同學們創作獨奏作品。

In Experimental Winter – Contemporary Music Concert, Timo Kinnunen is going to play a world premiere of new work for accordion and electronics composed by Lara Poe.

手風琴演奏家Timo Kinnunen 將在《冬令實驗_當代音樂演奏會_2017台北》裡演出作曲家Lara Poe為手風琴和電子音樂創作的全新曲目。

Samples | 範例:

Lara Poe´s Musings for solo violin (performed by Aija Reke at King’s Chapel, Boston)


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