Composer Anna Veismane (Latvia) | 作曲家Anna Veismane (拉脫維亞)


Anna Veismane (1976) studied in E.Darzins Music School. The first teachers of composition were Pēteris Vasks and Imants Zemzaris. Then she studied composition at the J.Vitols Latvian Academy of Music with Romualds Kalsons and Juris Karlsons graduating with a master’s degree. She has participated in master classes with David Lang, Pär Lindgren, John Woolrich, Klas Torstensson, Tapio Tuomela (Young Composers Mastercourses in Latvia), Yannis Kyriakides (Music Laboratory The Process in Lithuania), and Jonathan Harvey (the Time of Music festival in Finland).

Anna Veismane (1976)過去曾就讀E.Darzins Music School;他的啟蒙作曲老師分別是Pēteris VasksImants Zemzaris。爾後,他進入J.Vitols Latvian Academy of Music向Romualds Kalsons 和Juris Karlsons學習作曲,並獲得碩士學位。他參與過David LangPär LindgrenJohn WoolrichKlas Torstensson、Tapio Tuomela (拉脫維亞青年作曲家大師課程)、Yannis Kyriakides (立陶宛音樂實驗室)和Jonathan Harvey (芬蘭Time of Music festival 音樂祭)等人的大師班。

Anna Veismane has received the 3rd place of the Young Composers Choir Composition Competition organized by Latvian Radio and received a memorial award of Arnolds Sturms and, as a pianist, award of Olgerts Zivers. She has written music for films, theatre performances, folk arrangements and music for children.

Anna Veismane 曾獲得由Latvian 電台舉辦Young Composers Choir Composition Competition第三名,獲頒Arnolds Sturms memorial award 獎項;作為一位鋼琴家,她則榮獲Olgerts Zivers獎項。她為電影、劇場、民俗表演和兒童等創作音樂。

Anna’s music has been played in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania (festival Druskomanija), Germany, Romania, Italy, Irland, Finland (Hetta Music Event, Time of Music festival), Japan (festival Creative), Korea (Pan Music Festival 2016) and USA. With the deep interest in the promotion of young composers, Anna Veismane has organized the International Competition of Young Composers Saules krasts (2002-2008) and competition Skaņuraksti Ādažos (2014,2015,2016) She has also been participating in concerts as a pianist.

Anna的音樂曾在立陶宛、愛沙尼亞、拉脫維亞(festival Druskomanija)、德國、羅馬尼亞、義大利、愛爾蘭、芬蘭(Hetta Music Event、Time of Music festival)、日本(festival Creative)、韓國(Pan Music Festival 2016)和美國等地演出過。對於鼓勵青年作曲家不遺餘力的她,更舉辦了International Competition of Young Composers Saules krasts (2002-2008) 和competition Skaņuraksti Ādažos (2014,2015,2016);他更曾以鋼琴家身分參與表演。

The innovative duo Oneplusone was created by Anna Veismane (piano, melodion, voice) and Timo Kinnunen (accordion). Oneplusone have premiered more than twenty compositions dedicated to ensemble and cooperated with such composers as Miklós Maros, Aspasia Nasopoulou, Rei Munakata, Jarkko Hartikainen, Nicholas James Casswell, Rūta Vitkauskaite, Egidija Medekšaite, Anitra Tumševica. Thay have played concerts in Lithuania (festival Druskomanija), Latvia and Finland.

二重奏Oneplusone是由Anna Veismane (鋼琴、旋律、人聲) 和Timo Kinnunen (手風琴)兩人所創辦。這個樂團曾首演過20首合奏作品,並同時和作曲家Miklós Maros、Aspasia Nasopoulou、Rei Munakata、Jarkko Hartikainen、Nicholas James Casswell、Rūta Vitkauskaite、Egidija Medekšaite和Anitra Tumševica等人合作。他們曾在拉脫維亞(festival Druskomanija)、立陶宛和芬蘭等地演出。

In Experimental Winter – Contemporary Music Concert, Timo Kinnunen is going to play a world premiere of new work for accordion, Characters, composed by Anna Veismane.

手風琴演奏家Timo Kinnunen 將在《冬令實驗_當代音樂演奏會_2017台北》裡演出作曲家Anna Veismane為手風琴創作的全新曲目 “Characters“。

Samples | 範例:

Anna Veismane – Hidden Dragons (2011) 3rd part

Duo oneplusone (Anna Veismane, melodion & Timo Kinnunen, accordion) – Blowing (audio)

Anna Veismane – Message from the Exoplanet PONE for melodion solo

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