Sandra Tavali – Elegy (for Soprano, Computer generated sound, Piano, 2015)


elegy2This music presents the heavy emotion of two lovers living in different world, with the endless feeling of regrets, which was carried by the whole tone melodies, built, reflected in different parts of sounds. It was inspired by the poem “Elegy” (translation as below, it also is the lyric in this work) by Chines poet Yuan Zhen (born 779).

“In moments of idleness your death grieves me also myself grieve,
A hundred years is a long time yet how insignificant it can also be!
Deng You had to give up his son and accepted it as fate,
Pan Yue wrote a trilogy of elegy lamenting his wife’s passing away, all but verbosity in vain. How is being buried together for reunion in afterlife a wish that is other than vague? It is just as remote to pray for and be granted your hand in marriage in the next life again. What I have is insomnia throughout the night keeping me awake,
To compensate for my inability to your knitted eyebrows ease in your living days.”

Lyric:元稹 Yuan Zhen (born 779, Chines poet).
Composer:李婉菁 Wuan-chin Li (Sandra Tavali)
Remix:高顗豐 Fong
Soprano:陳文鈺(女高音)Wendy Wen-Yu Chen

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