Composer Hans-Joachim Hespos (Germany) | 作曲家Hans-Joachim Hespos (德國)


Born march 13th. 1938 in Emden/Ostfriesland. Hespos lives as a freelance composer and auto-editor in Ganderkesee, Germany. Since 1967 he has had numerous commissions in Germany and abroad, numerous prizes and awards for composition (Stichting Gaudeamus Bilthoven, Fondation Royaumont Paris, Villa Massimo Rome, ..). The work catalog contains more than 230 compositions for solos, chamber musics, ensemble, orchestra, choir, radio, electro-acoustics, film, electronics, stage (DAS TRIADISCHE BALLETT nach oskar schlemmer, 8 operas) and scene.

1938/3/13生於德國埃姆登,以自由作曲家和編輯身份定居於德國甘德爾克賽。從1967年開始在國內外累積了大量的創作,並獲得許多作曲獎項肯定(例如 Tichting Gaudeamus Bilthoven、Fondation Royaumont Paris、Villa Massimo Rome等);230作品中包含獨奏、室內樂、合奏、管弦樂、合唱、樂台、電子音效、電影、舞台劇(DAS TRIADISCHE BALLETT nach oskar schlemmer、8首歌劇)以及影像。

Steven Holt writes about Hespos: “His scores, be they verbal, graphic, more conventionally notated or some combination thereof, always constitute incitements to action rather than instructions to be executed neutrally. Inspired by Adorno and Artaud, each composition forms itself unfettered during the act of composition. Thus each work of any length would hardly be analyzable as an artistic object. In Hespos’ own words, he composes without knowing “whither it goes in the next moment, where it ends”. W O C atemdrama (2008) is dedicated to Timo Kinnunen who played the premiere in Tokaj Festival, Slovakia.

Steven Holt如此描述Hespos「他的樂譜,不論是語言、圖像、更常規的註解或是上述的中立組合,總是蘊含了煽動性的指令而非相對客觀的指示。受到Adorno 和Artaud啟發,每種在作曲中的組合都是不是拘束的;也正因如此每首作品的長度如同一件藝術作品難以估量。Hespos表示自己在作曲的時後,「同常也不知道下一秒會發生什麼事,會在哪裡結束。」作品W O C atemdrama 是 2008年為手風琴演奏家Timo Kinnunen所創作的作品,並於斯洛伐克的Tokaj Festival進行首演。

In Experimental Winter – Contemporary Music Concert, accordionist Timo Kinnunen will play Hans-Joachim Hespos´composition W O C atemdrama.

手風琴演奏家 Timo Kinnunen 將在《冬令實驗_當代音樂演奏會_2017台北》裡演出作曲家 Hans-Joachim Hespos為手風琴創作的曲目“W O C atemdrama”。

Samples | 範例:

Hans-Joachim Hespos – FPOI for orchestra

Wolfgang Güttler – Z Dor (from Hans-Joachim Hespos)

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