Trio: Lost Sounds (Taiwan) | 三重奏: 迷聲 (臺灣)


Lost Sounds consists of new generation Taiwanese musicians Yi-Wei Yang, Hsuan-Jung Huang and Sze-Ting Huang with the trio’s instruments zheng, pipa, liuqin and zhongruan. Name of the group originates from a certain type of “dotty sound” which the three instruments share that brings to mind works by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama whose name, when read in Chinese (Míshēng) forms a homonym with Lost Sounds in Chinese. ‘Lost’ means trying to find a way to balance traditional instruments and all styles of music when exploring the limitless possibilities of sound.


After formed in January 2017, the unique Lost Sounds music pieces are composed by the members of the trio, or are rearrangements or tailor-made commissions from other composers in the hope of deeper experience, and to think in a new way of traditional instruments in the contemporary life.


In 2017, Lost Sounds was chosen as a part of Taipei Fringe Festival program to perform actively in the streets and in music events. Experimental nature of their performance received appraisal. In addition to performing in concerts, Lost Sounds have worked together for example with tea business, having performed in Taoyuan International Airport for international visitors who stopped for a tea and Taiwanese music.


Samples | 範例:

Lost Sounds (迷聲) – The story of Taipei City-Passenger

Lost Sounds (迷聲) Introduction Video | 演出片段回顧



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