Composer Tseng Shipao (Taiwan) | 作曲家 曾世寶 (臺灣)


Born in 1989 and a composing theory graduate from the department of music in Taipei National University of the Arts, she was taught by He Yonghui, Xie Yade, prof. Pan Huanglong and prof. Chien Nanchang.


In her studies Tseng learned prof. Koji Nakano’s “culture and spirituality of music” and composing for traditional instruments – both music and dance. Tseng also studied master’s courses for composition and improvisation techniques and principles taught by prof. Joel Hoffman in addition to participating in an Indian drums workshop held by prof. Abhiman Kaushal.

在學期間,曾修習中野浩二教授的「音樂文化與靈性」、「傳統器樂創作-音樂與舞蹈」,也曾在大師班受教於Joel Hoffman,亦參與其課程「作曲與即興的原則與技巧」、「作曲實踐探討」。另外,亦參與了Abhiman Kaushal教授的印度鼓工作坊。

During graduate school she worked as a music cue instructor for the Taiwan Public Television Service and she currently creates music scores for microcinema, TV series and animations. She also dedicates works for concerts, musicals, electronics, symphonies, choirs, instrumentals and other different kinds of projects.



The composition consists of two sections which advance in different timespaces, gradually converging, delving deeper into them.


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