Composer Huang, Hsuan-Jung (Taiwan) | 作曲家 黃璿蓉 (臺灣)

“- This piece is dedicated to You who share the Taipei-life.”



Huang, Hsuan-Jung is from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Currently studying in Soochow University’s department of music graduate school, Huang majors in composition, learning composing and theory from prof. Yim Fuk-wing. She graduated from the department of Chinese music in Tainan National University of the Arts, majoring in pipa with a minor in composition.


Huang had various performances during university. She was also invited to perform in Hong Kong with Wu-Ji Ensemble in 2013. She has also represented the university in many concerts. Huang won the chance to perform her work “Cross Point” in “Shuanghsi Music Forum Concert” in 2015. “The Ceremony of Island” for Chinese orchestra won the “TCO international composition award” in 2016. “Lonely life” won the Ya-Ge Chinese art song competition award in 2017.


The story of Taipei City-Passenger for zheng, pipa and liuqing trio


“In the city, out in the streets, a crossroad, a passenger passing by, you or me perhaps, and to you and me, to all of us belongs our own story. Even if only the future knows how the story will end, we need not pursue the destiny aimlessly, but rather live in the immediate reality… because that alone is life.”
– This piece is dedicated to You who share the Taipei-life.


This piece experiments with passing through rhythms and tone color variations to portray a busy scenery of the metropolis. The piece is divided into three sections:


1. Order | 秩序

Different cities have different rules. Taipei also has its invisible rules which we quietly follow, guided by our subconsciousness and are often unaware of. There are those who have to wear a mask due to circumstances they are in, thus being compliant to the rules.


2. Dialogue | 對話

People in cities have certain general characteristics they all share. In another person, one can often see a place which resonates to one self. Different times and spaces bring quietly about concealed dialogues and exchanges.


3. Touching bodies | 擦身

Everyday, how many times does your body touch someone else’s? And in that moment when the bodies touch, have you noticed him or her from earlier. The moment of touching bodies is intriguing: in a parallel time and space, this tranquil moment will intersect and you, who lives in that moment, has definitely experienced it before.


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