Pianist Antti Myllyoja (Finland) | 鋼琴家 Antti Myllyoja (芬蘭)

“well detailed harmony, counterpoint and strong expressionism.”



Antti Myllyoja is a Finnish composer and pianist (b.1981). Typical elements for his music are well detailed harmony, counterpoint and strong expressionism. Inspiration for his music is usually coming from contemporary art, literature and nature. Recent years Myllyoja has been working with many Taiwanese artists from different fields such as theater, film, fine arts and dance. In 2012 he founded Radical Snail Office theater with actress and director Yutsen Liu. This was a starting point for his cross-arts collaborations.

Antti Myllyoja 是位芬蘭籍的作曲家和鋼琴家(1981年生)。他的作品範例經常可以感受到細緻和聲、對位和極致的表現主義。他的創作靈感通常來自於當代藝術、文學和自然。近年,Myllyoja嘗試和許多台灣不同領域的藝術家合作,他們分別來自劇場、電影、美術和舞蹈等。2012年他和兼具演員、導演身分的劉郁岑共同成立基進蝸牛辦公室,這是Myllyoja跨藝術合作的起始點。

Elements of Taste | 《滋味的組成》

Elements of Taste is a musical expedition to find out what creates a good taste. Maybe we can discover some answers from four classical elements: water, soil, fire and air. This piece continues Myllyoja’s collaborations with other art forms. Welcome to experience what happens this time when he meets master baker Juha Mäkelä on stage.


Samples | 範例:

Antti Myllyoja – Autumn Bells for Piano (Video)

Antti Myllyoja – For People Who Have A Big Hole In Life for Piano (Video)

Antti Myllyoja plays in Black Meal (黑食) by Hu Chia (胡嘉)

Antti Myllyoja – “Silent Unity” 8 min ver. feat. “Monster” by Yutsen Liu

Article about Antti Myllyoja (Chinese):

台北冬令實驗 將會發表世界首演的當代音樂新作 Antti Myllyoja 以及其他演出者

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