Experimental Winter – Contemporary Music Concert 2018 Memoir Fragrance | 2018《冬令實驗》當代音樂計畫 記憶香氛

EX Fragrance

Experimental Winter explores the contemporary nature of music. In 2018 a traditional instrument trio Lost Sounds was invited to perform contemporary compositions in a collision of the Far Eastern tradition with the western style of music, with an attitude that is proudly unique yet raw, similar to the otherworldly purity of the rare azalea flowers grown in the cloudy Himalayan mountain region which carry the independent essence of the agitating, harsh environment in its slightly sweet and grassy aroma.


Reminiscence together the unyielding independence that is experimentalism with the Experimental Winter 2018 Memoir Fragrance.


Ingredients | 成分:

Rhododendron wide (髯花杜鵑)
Thuja sutchuenensis (崖柏)
Kashmir Lavender (喀什米爾薰衣草)
Tomer seed (花椒)
Zedoaria root (莪朮)

Fragrance Designer | 香氛記憶營造者:
王邑榛 Eliza
Made in Taiwan

預購洽詢 | Pre-order:

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