15% Discount for EX2018 Theme Products | 冬令實驗主題商品85折優惠中

The theme of experimenting in 2018 still being taste, our official Experimental Winter concert partner SLS Consulting is kind to offer our audience members a 15% discount for the following world-class and award winning products:

2018《冬令實驗》當代音樂計畫_友好夥伴 SLS F&B 北歐酒精飲品進口商,獨家優惠《冬令實驗》聽友,憑活動當日票根,預購可享85折。


Kyrö Napue Gin:
NT 1220 -> NT 1037


Gustav Dill Vodka:
NT 700 -> NT 595


Kyrö Koskue Rye Gin:
NT 1660 -> NT 1411

How to use the discount? | 如何選購

1. If you still have not booked your ticket yet, make sure to book one first. See our ticket page for details.
2. Fill in the pre-order form here.
3. Receive the products at the concert venue.

1. 還沒買票嗎?為了確保獲得85折的商品優惠,請先參考我們的購票說明
2. 填寫預購單
3. 活動當日於活動現場提貨

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