Experimental Winter in Radio Taiwan International! | 冬令實驗在中央廣播電台!

Join us by listening to Radio Taiwan International which will broadcast music and interviews from our 2018 concert performers on Sunday 3rd., Jun. 2018 at 20:15.

6/3 星期天晚上8:15 歡迎鎖定中央廣播電台,準時收聽有關冬令實驗的音樂會採訪和相關音樂。


From left: composer Tseng Shipao (曾世寶), zheng player Yang Yi-Wei (楊懿惟), radio host Gina (朱家綺), Experimental Winter producer Lee Yu-hsuan (李育萱) and composer/pipa player Huang Hsuan-Jung (黃璿蓉).

Thanks to Gina from Rti! 謝謝中央廣播電台的自由風主持人朱家綺!

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