Experimental Winter – Contemporary Music Concert, Taipei 2017 | 冬令實驗 當代音樂演奏會,台北2017


Fresh wind is going to blow in Taipei art life when the first Experimental Winter concert is taking place in 3rd. of June in Wenshui Arts and Cultural Center. One of the pioneers of contemporary accordion, Mr. Timo Kinnunen is coming to play world premiers of six new compositions. We are going to have a great opportunity to hear living composers from Taiwan, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, UK, USA and Germany. Mr. Kinnunen has been co-working with many legendary avant-gardists, including John Cage, Hans-Joachim Hespos and Vinko Globokar, and now he is going to lead us to the new exciting sound adventure.

6月3日在台北文水藝文中心舉辦的第一屆冬令實驗 l當代音樂演奏會,將會為台北的藝術生活帶來新氣象;深具領導地位的當代手風琴家之一Timo Kinnunen預計在演奏會上演出6首世界首演的曲目。大家將有機會欣賞分別來自台灣、芬蘭、冰島、拉脫維亞、英國、美國和德國新一代作曲家們的作品。Kinnunen曾和許多傳奇性的前衛主義者,例如John Cage, Hans-Joachim Hespos 和Vinko Globokar合作,而這次他將引領我們展開新的聲音歷險。

Experimental Winter is an imaginary and artificial space where everything in art is possible. It is looking back to historical avant-garde and modernism, but mainly asking questions about the meaning and direction of those concepts in present time. In this context experimentalism doesn’t mean any particular genre, aesthetic or style, instead of that, it is reflecting an artistic curiosity to find new and uncharted territories of expression. This kind of state of mind opens a path for pluralism; for example, in this concert we are going to experience cross-arts collaboration, improvisation, extended playing techniques, computer generated sounds, heavy music influence, animated notation and so on.


Every new art piece in Experimental Winter is going to create a bigger story, a story which is just beginning. You are warmly welcomed to join!


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Antti Myllyoja, composer | 作曲家

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