Experimental Winter – Contemporary Music Concert, Taipei 2018 | 冬令實驗 當代音樂演奏會,台北2018

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Experimental Winter – Contemporary Music Concert theme in 2018 is taste.

滋味 是 冬令實驗 當代音樂演奏會 2018的實驗主題。

We talk about taste in our everyday life and we have opinions about it, but how often do we stop to think about what taste is and where it comes from. In this concert we are going to experiment with exciting cross-arts collaborations in order to give the audience a possibility to experience new art works.


In addition to creating new flavors, our open-minded program welcomes the audience to think about other aspects of taste in this contemporary and pluralistic world. According to dictionary, taste is a sense in same way as, for example, hearing. Taste is recognition. It is a distinctive and separating element, yet it can unify people who share the same sense of distinction.



taste noun | 滋味 名詞

BrE /teɪst/ ; NAmE /teɪst/

Definition of taste|定義:

1. flavour | 味道

2. sense | 感覺

3. small quantity |小單位

4. short experience | 簡短經驗

5. ability to choose well | 有選擇的能力

6. what you like | 你喜歡的事

What is your definition? Welcome to join us as we cater you with physical and metaphysical bits and pieces to soothe your senses.


Antti Myllyoja

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