Tickets | 票務

Experimental Winter – Contemporary Music Concert, Taipei 2018 tickets:

冬令實驗 當代音樂演奏會,台北2018 票務資訊:

Five performances. Three premiers. Ticket includes award winning drinks and custom designed foods. See our program for details.


Date and Time: Jun. 9th.(Sat.), 2018. 14:00 – 17:00
Venue: Wenshui Arts and Cultural Center (info)
Ticket Vendor:
Ticket Price: 850 NT

演出日期:2018/6/9 (六) 14:00 – 17:00
場地資訊:文水藝文中心 (介紹)
票務系統:兩廳院售票 (
票價:850 NT

How to book | 哪裡買票:

1. Online ( | 線上購票

Please follow the link to ticket vendor’s platform | 請參照兩廳院售票系統購票說明:

2. On ibon | ibon售票系統

Available in 7-elevens throughout Taiwan | 請洽全台配有ibon售票系統之7-11.

3. Special assistance | 跨境購票

Last year we had visitors from countries such as Singapore. In case of visitors outside Taiwan, please feel free to contact us directly for ticket assistance.



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